My name is Tapio Väänänen. I founded Resource Factory because I have seen and recognised that the connecting bolt – expert project management for demanding processes – is sometimes missing within the industrial sector. My mission is to help the most knowledgeable experts cooperate across sectoral boundaries. My ultimate goal is to reduce unnecessary layoffs and redundancies in times of change and do my part to make the Finnish industry more competitive.


We supply trained experts for the management of industrial processes. We reliably supply a managing director, a project manager, a supervisor as well as a process manager. They are all among the best in their industries and have committed to the values of Resource Factory: high levels of workplace safety, full focus on the project and absolute secrecy. Click here to learn more


In a circular economy, resources and vales grow as they are shared. Resource Factory knows the needs of the industry. When one is temporarily low on orders, another needs extra expert resources to complete demanding processes. We are the unifying factor. We supply expert project managers for an individual project or for a longer period. Click here to learn more

Full-time use of trained workforce is in everyone’s interest. Our goal is to provide work for experts from different fields and thereby contribute to the completion of projects.


An ocean of possibilities lies before you. Lots of interesting projects are under way or being planned in a broad range of industrial sectors. Your expertise is needed to complete them. Get in touch and introduce yourself. Resource Factory welcomes new experts. Sign up


Make sure that those who carry out your great projects form a team that plays together with maximum efficiency. Let us know what kind of experts you need. Thanks to our quick reaction time, your business operations can continue in a cost-effective way. Resource Factory welcomes new partners. Get in touch

It is vital to the Finnish economy that the available resources meet the existing potential. Resource Factory is the unifying factor. By sharing workers, we can create a win-win-win situation. Everybody wins.


If you are temporarily in a situation where you cannot offer your employees enough productive work, contact us before considering layoffs or redundancies. Get in touch


If you have a big one-time order on your desk and not enough staff to deliver it, turn to us before you say you can’t. Get in touch